WINNIPEG -- Winnipeg police said no arrests have been made in a triple shooting at the Windsor Hotel on Garry Street that left one man dead early Sunday morning.

The victim has been identified at Yassin Abdu Ahmed, 20. 

He died in hospital. Two other males shot were taken to hospital in critical condition.

In the wake of the shooting, the area’s city councillor, Sherri Rollins, has called for a national ban on handguns in cities, saying she’s been monitoring events at the hotel with “great concern.” 

"Prime Minister Trudeau during the last election had made a commitement shoulder to shoulder with mayor John Tory to ban handguns in cities and municipalities and I'd like the federal government to act swiftly on that ban," Rollins said.

Const. Rob Carver with the Winnipeg Police Service wouldn’t confirm what type of gun was involved in the shooting, but said the confrontation wasn’t random. He said it spilled out of the building. 

“I believe there was a significantly larger group that this interaction started with, a number of individuals in the hotel, and they have come out of the hotel,” Carver said.

“It wasn’t two random groups that intersected.” 


Police have been drawn to the historic hotel and music venue a number of times recently.

In early November a man was arrested there, accused of possessing cocaine, OxyNeo pills, a loaded handgun and an improvised firearm.

Within days of the arrest, police were back and seized methamphetamine, a rifle, another improvised firearm and ammunition. A 55-year-old was taken into custody.

That same week, gunfire was reported at the hotel.

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In April, a loaded shotgun was seized after a lengthy standoff.

Carver said the hotel is on police radar. 

“This particular address is known as an area that needs some extra police attentions and we’ve been doing that,” he said, explaining police analyze crime data for patterns and allocate resources accordingly.

CTV News spoke with the owner of the Windsor Hotel, who said their management is actively working to make the hotel more secure.

He said the incident was tragic, and he hates to see anything like this happen at the establishment.

As for the idea of a handgun ban, he said Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police has said it wouldn’t make a difference and noted handguns seized by police are rarely possessed legally, and are usually stolen or obtained illegally.

“There are handguns all over, they’re all illegal, and they’re in the hands of criminals. And the people that legitimately own them, they’re in safes and being taken to gun clubs – the two sections don’t intersect.”

“I guess it might make some people feel good, but it will not change the threat level one iota.” 

-With a file from CTV's Jeremie Charron