WINNIPEG -- The first week of testimony wrapped up Friday at the trial of a Winnipeg man accused of killing Ricardo Hibi.

Twenty-three-year old Kane Moar has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder.

The jury was shown an interview recorded inside Winnipeg police headquarters on December 17, 2018, just hours after Hibi was stabbed to death.

Investigators brought Kane Moar’s sister Trinity in for questioning about the Hibi’s killing. 

The 34-year-old father was attacked moments after answering the door at the foster home he ran for boys at 622 McGee Street.

In the police video from 2018, Trinity, now 20, tells officers her brother showed up at her house the day Hibi died with blood on his hands and a knife in his pocket. 

“(He said) ‘I just did something crazy’... He was laughing.”

But during her testimony on Friday, Trinity said she didn’t remember giving that statement because she was on anti-depressants. 

“My days were foggy back then,” she told court.

Trinity’s younger sister Chasity, 19, also testified she had no memory of what she told investigators.

In the police video from 2018, Trinity said her brother came to her door looking for her then-boyfriend. 

Trinity told court her ex-boyfriend, now 18, was physically abusive and lived at the foster home at 622 McGee Street. 

The 18-year-old took the stand Monday and testified that he heard Moar say “I just stabbed some Asian guy.”

But the defence pointed to inconsistencies in his testimony and statement to police.

The sister of the accused was the Crown’s last witness. 

Prosecutors also presented surveillance video and DNA evidence this week. 

On Wednesday, a forensic specialist testified bloodstains found on Moar’s coat matched Hibi’s DNA.

The defence is expected to present its case next week