WINNIPEG -- Winnipeg police are investigating after a staff member made allegations to the owners of a Boston Pizza restaurant located in Winnipeg’s south end that a camera was being used in a staff washroom.

Richard Enright, the franchisee of several Boston Pizza restaurants in Manitoba including the one at 2729 Pembina Hwy., told CTV Winnipeg he found out about the allegations in late December.

“There are allegations that a camera was being used in a staff washroom,” said Enright. “When we were told about this by a staff member we acted upon it really quickly.”

Enright said one person is no longer working at the restaurant as a result of the allegations.

“The accused party was immediately let go as soon as we found out about it,” he said.

The Winnipeg Police Service declined to provide any further details because the investigation is ongoing.

Enright said the main focus right now is protecting employees.

“We’re just working on supporting staff,” said Enright. “This is sort of an odd situation. It’s not something we think is common and we hope it never happens again.”

Karley David, the director of corporate communications for the Enright Group, said the washroom in question was solely for employees and wasn’t used by customers.

David said the restaurant’s owners are cooperating with the authorities as the investigation continues.

Here is the complete statement issued by Boston Pizza to CTV News:

Boston Pizza recently became aware of an incident involving a manager and a staff member at a Boston Pizza location on Pembina Highway. As with all matters involving our staff, Boston Pizza is treating the allegations seriously and taking all precautions to ensure that the matter is properly investigated. As an immediate measure, the manager in question is no longer employed by Boston Pizza and the matter has been referred to the proper authorities. Boston Pizza is providing all available supports to our staff.

At this time, Boston Pizza’s intention is to allow the authorities to complete the necessary processes and will assist in any way possible to ensure that all matters are properly investigated and that the correct result is obtained. Boston Pizza is committed to ensuring that all necessary steps will be taken. In order to enable those investigations to take place, Boston Pizza will not be releasing any further information at this time.