Published reports suggest police are recommending charges be laid against a hospital and one of its employees in the death of Brian Sinclair.

Winnipeg police, however, deny the media report.

Brian Sinclair was in a wheelchair and waited for a catheter change for 34 hours in the emergency room of the Health Sciences Centre in September 2008.

He died without receiving treatment.

Published reports suggest police are recommending criminal charges be laid against HSC and one employee.

Police issued a press release Wednesday refuting the report.

"This investigation has not been concluded and a report has not been forwarded to Manitoba Justice," said police in a statement.

The Manitoba Nurses Union said it's important to look at Sinclair's death for ways to make sure similar cases don't happen again.

"Blaming someone is not going to help the situation and certainly I think that I'm very confident the police will come to the same conclusion - that this was a systemic issue - that no one person was to blame," said Sandi Mowat, president of MNU.

Changes were made at HSC to emergency room procedures following Sinclair's death.

An inquest has also been called but is on hold until the police investigation wraps up.

"Somebody should take responsibility. I don't know who, but somebody should in the hospital," said Russell Sinclair, Brian Sinclair's cousin.

Sinclair's family has also launched a $1.1 million lawsuit against the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.

- with a report from CTV's Caroline Barghout