Winnipeg police have put together a Youtube video in hopes of generating tips in a case of a father who allegedly abducted his own son and daughter.

It has been one year since Dominic Maryk, 8, and Abby Maryk, 6, disappeared without a trace.

Investigators believe the children were abducted by their father, Kevin Maryk, 38, and taken away from Winnipeg.

Police released a Youtube video about the case on Thursday in hopes of getting information that will help find the children.

It marks the first time Winnipeg police have turned to Youtube to make a public appeal about a case.

"As detectives believe that the children are no longer in Winnipeg and may have been taken out of the country, investigators recognized a need to have the abduction highlighted globally," police said Thursday in a statement.

On Wednesday, police revealed that an arrest warrant has been issued for Maryk's nephew, whom investigators describe as an accomplice.

Cody John McKay, 20, is wanted for conspiracy to commit an indictable offence.

A statement from Winnipeg police on Wednesday said McKay was living with his uncle and disappeared at the same time as the children vanished.

The children were on a two-week visit with their father, who failed to return them August 30, 2008.

A Canada-wide warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Emily Cablek, the mother of Dominic and Abby, is still desperately hoping they are brought home soon.

On the one-year anniversary since Cablek saw her children, police released a description of Cody McKay in connection to the case:

Cody McKay:

- White with a dark complexion

- Dark eyes

- 5'4"

- 160 pounds

Kevin Maryk:

- White with a fair complexion

- Hazel eyes

- 5'10"

- 205 pounds

Still, police warn the appearances of the suspects and the children may have changed over the past year.

None of the allegations have been proven in court.