The Winnipeg Police Service said they have received numerous complaints from homeowners in regards to aggressive and potentially fraudulent sales practices for home heating systems.

Police said the goal of these salespeople isto entice homeowners to make purchases of home heating products.

Common themes police say to watch for arethat the salesperson or salespeople will approach homes carrying uniforms with corporate logos or business identification. Police said these people will say they’re performing a furnace inspection or want to check the  status of the homeowners’ furnace. These tactics often result in them gaining access to the home, police said.

Police are reminding the public that neither private companies nor their employees have legal authority to access or enter a home to perform inspections.

Police said there have been many reports that these individuals claim to be from Manitoba Hydro. Police said while associates from Manitoba Hydro go door-to-door on occasion for a variety of reasons, they will have the proper identification with them and will not pressure homeowners for access.

Police are also reminding homeowners they can deny entry to their home if the person seems suspicious.

For more information residents can call police at the non-emergency line at 204-986-6222.