Search and rescue efforts are underway in the Sandilands Forest area for a missing hunter, say RCMP.

Norman Brad Lambert went missing last week and hasn't been heard from since.

“He could be anywhere. That's what worries me the most,” says Norman Lambert about his son.

Lambert says his son went hunting last Thursday. He was last seen in Marchand and was driving his black pick-up truck.

Lambert says his son is an experienced hunter and never goes without calling.

The missing man is 6’0 tall, 240 pounds and has brown hair, which is grey on the sides. He was last seen wearing camouflage clothing.

A team of 15 volunteers are on the ground with another crew searching from the air, trying to cover as much ground as possible.

“We're doing a systematic search of all the trails,” says Sgt. Rod Karpish, who is with the RCMP. “We're recording all the trails that we've searched and downloading those trails.”

Karpish is asking volunteers to refrain from conducting their own searches, as police have covered a large number of trails already. He says volunteers on the ground could also inhibit the air search.

Anyone with information on Lambert's whereabouts is asked to contact RCMP or Winnipeg Police.