Embattled police board member Ross Eadie says members of the Winnipeg Police Association should "mind their own business."

The city councillor is reacting to calls from the police union to have him removed from the board.

“I think the Winnipeg Police Association should mind their own business. I'm completely able to function on the Winnipeg Police Board, I don't directly run their officers, their members,” said Eadie.

On Friday, the Winnipeg Police Association told CTV officers who dealt with Eadie on the night he spent in the drunk tank had concerns over they way he treated them.

Eadie says he did nothing wrong and says he's ready to battle the association's allegations in public.

The councillor is suspended from the police board while it determines whether or not to remove him from the committee.

Eadie has at least one ally on City Council. Transcona’s Russ Wyatt calls the process a witch hunt and says it’s no different than McCarthyism.