The future of Portage and Main will be a hot topic of conversation on next week. The Downtown Winnipeg BIZ, City of Winnipeg and CentreVenture are hosting an event to discuss the iconic intersection.

The main topic will be opening it up to pedestrian traffic. The idea of opening up the street has been discussed off and on over the years, but never moved forward.

On Thursday, Tim Tompkins, president of New York's Times Square Alliance will share his ideas on how it could work.

Tompkins helped transform the busiest street in New York's Times Square into a public plaza.

While he's here, Tompkins is scheduled to meet with city planners and the Portage and Main property owners. The event will be held at The Fairmont hotel and gets underway at 5:30 p.m.

On Monday, you can drop by the Portage and Main underground rotunda. Storyboards will be on display showing how Portage and Main could be opened up.