The self-imposed pre-election ban on advertising by the Pallister government begins Wednesday.

Manitoba's clerk of the executive council Fred Meier tells CTV News the blackout period begins June 12.

It's unclear how long the self-imposed ban will be in place, but under the fixed election date rules, a 90-day blackout period must be in place prior to election day.

The premier has said he's not planning on following the fixed election date of October 2020, and is sending Manitobans to the polls this year.

Pallister announced the self-imposed blackout last week saying he doesn't want an unfair advantage of making partisan announcements heading into an election campaign.

The NDP says it has obtained an email from Meier to civil servants informing them of the blackout date. It lists exceptions to the ban including matters of public health and safety, tenders and employment notices required for the continued operation of government and activities required by law.

NDP Leader Wab Kinew released a statement on the document.

“It's disappointing that, on the same day a damning report on health care cuts is released, the Premier would force his civil servant to effectively launch an election campaign while he vacations in France,” said Kinew