A pregnant mother slammed on her brakes and did the unthinkable when she was confronted by three armed children dressed in masks in south Osborne. 

Shannon Dyck got out of her vehicle, with her baby left strapped in the back seat, and she gave the kids a piece of her mind.

Twenty-one weeks along in her pregnancy, Dyck was not in the mood to deal with what was unfolding in front her.

“As I was driving around the corner, of my house I noticed three kids with masks on. One had a clown mask and the other two had hockey masks with blood on them. I noticed one with a hammer and two with knives,” she said.

The kids blocked her path as she was driving down the alley, and Dyck said she wasn’t about to stop.

She was already having a rough start to her morning, Sunday, as her toddler was not cooperating. She was late to her nephew’s football game.

“I don’t have time for this crap. I felt bad that I already missed half of my nephew’s game,” she added.

Two of the kids moved immediately when she drove up to them, but the one with the hammer stayed in the middle of the road, said Dyck.

The third moved out of the way at the last moment, that’s when she said she noticed the child with the knife running towards the back of her van through the rear-view mirror.

“And that’s when I kind of lost it. Slammed on the brakes and got out of the car and started yelling at them. ‘What the heck are you doing’,” she said.

Dyck said she had had enough.

“I guess I couldn’t control what I should have done I just was angry and frustrated. I didn’t see them as a threat, I saw them as children just trying to look cool for each other. I was trying to teach them a lesson,” she said.

The kids were startled, she said, and ran away after she yelled at them.

“It was only afterwards that I realized they were real weapons,” Dyck admitted. “Maybe getting out of the vehicle wasn’t the smartest thing to do.”

Dyck said she doesn’t want any child to get hurt pulling these kinds of stunts. Her motherly instincts made her do what she did.

“I guess , ya, the hormones brought me to a scary place,” she said.