Premier Greg Selinger held a last minute press conference on Friday afternoon to address what's being referred to as "Ticketgate."

A number of Manitoba's Crown Corporations scooped up a few thousand Winnipeg Jets Tickets before fans had a chance to buy them. Some elected officials used those free tickets.

On Wednesday, Finance Minister Stan Struthers addressed the issue.

"No one on this side of the government benefited through jets tickets at the expense of the Manitoba taxpayer," said Struthers.

On Friday, the premier confirmed, 13 MLAs received free tickets, including the finance minister.

"They are people that I believe are ethical people and I think will apologize as required," said Selinger. "The first step is to get everything out on the table and then to have a good policy going forward."

As CTV first reported, 2,400 tickets were distributed to four crown corporations. Some of those tickets were given to charity, while others went to employees. However, 32 went unused during the season.

Earlier this week the Manitoba government changed the rules on privileges allowed for ministers. The premier said no longer are they permitted to accept free tickets from crown corporations, businesses and unions.

The premier said ministers must now pay back the ticket price or donate that amount to charity.

Still Jets fans are outraged.

"Give them back to True North to sell," said Jeff Wazny, who is number 645 on the waiting list for season tickets.

NDP MLAs who received free Jets tickets from crown corporations, businesses and unions:

- Rob Altemeyer

- Steve Ashton

- Peter Bjornson

- Dave Chomiak

- Ron Kostyshyhn

- Ron Lemieux

- Gord Mackintosh

- Flor Marcelino

- Eric Robinson

- Jim Rondeau

- Erin Selby

- Stan Struthers

- Andrew Swan

-- with a report from CTV's Caroline Barghout