The province is closing in on a final route for a long planned bypass around St. Norbert.

Alignment options are now being shared with the public for feedback. There are three choices: a western route, a central one and an eastern leg. All would connect Highway 75 to the south Perimeter Highway around Waverley Street and Kenaston Boulevard.

Deva Jatt Transport, located on Highway 75, has 100 trucks and 200 trailers. Co-owner Dave Bhangu says all three options would help their business because their drivers can get bogged down in St. Norbert where the speed drops to 50 km/h

"We have to pick up loads and time our deliveries, if we lose time on the way that's not good for us," said Bhangu.

For people living in the path of the planned project, no option may suffice.

Rod Bourbonnais and some his neighbours who live on or near Waverley south of the Perimeter say their properties would be impacted.

"It's going to chop off a huge chunk of our property," he said.

In a statement a spokesperson for Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler said the bypass options are for future planning purposes in terms of a long-term plan for the south Perimeter Highway.

"...and is a project without a timeframe or financial commitment at this time. No decisions have been made in terms of financial impact or commitment, land expropriations, or location of this project," the statement read.

When a final route is chosen, another round of public consultations is slated for this summer.