WINNIPEG -- The Polo Park area development plan is heading to the municipal board and not Winnipeg City Council.

A few weeks ago, council delayed a vote on the matter after the Winnipeg Airports Authority (WAA) said it was raising an objection and had the authority to do so on behalf of Transport Canada.

In a letter to the city’s legal department, Transport Canada confirms it's delegating authority to the WAA, ultimately sending the matter to the municipal board.

 “The WAA is fully responsible for addressing existing or proposed land use in the vicinity of the Airport that is incompatible with the Airport’s current operations or future development,” the letter states.

 In turn, city lawyers are recommending city council not vote on the issue scheduled Friday.

“The objection received by the City from the Winnipeg Airport Authority on May 5, 2020 constitutes a valid objection. As such, By-law 48/2019 is deemed to be referred to the Municipal Board," writes solicitor Sarah Rentz. "The City of Winnipeg Charter and Legal Services recommends that these matters be laid over indefinitely.“

As a result, Council voted 14-2 Friday to again delay the decision as it awaits the municipal board process.

“It may be a bit of a teaser to what we can expect down the road in terms of process,” said Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman, about the plan heading to the municipal board.

“It’s slightly different though, I have to say. This is something that’s been in place for some time in the current Winnipeg charter.”

Shindico and Cadillac Fairview are proposing residential developments on the old stadium site and around Polo Park Mall.

Council was set to vote on changes needed to allow the project. But it’s unclear if that would have happened, as previous committees were split on the amendments.

The WAA has concerns the development could lead to more noise complaints jeopardizing the airport’s 24/7 operations.