Protesters demanded a stop to development at Parker Wetlands during an open house about the project Wednesday night.

Around 20 people stood outside the Holiday Inn Winnipeg South with signs that called for an end to plans that would reduce urban green space.

“Wetlands are endangered so we should stop the development for that reason,” said resident and protestor Ellen Reid.

Two different parties plan to build in the area, located between Waverley Street and Pembina Highway, south of Taylor Avenue.

Developers want to create a planned neighbourhood called Oak Grove.

The City of Winnipeg wants to construct a rapid transit corridor and a drainage pond.

Developers shared their plans at an open house on Wednesday.

Dozens examined plans and brought questions and concerns.

"The Parker wetlands isn't something we should be digging up, you know. I mean I'm not opposed to some bigger development, maybe on the perimeter," said resident Leon Moryl.

Early drawings for Oak Grove include high rise apartments centred around the rapid transit line.

Houses, duplexes and quads will be constructed further west.

The neighbourhood will also feature a park.

Architect Lawrence Bird said the goal is to merge rapid transit, homes and nature.

"We're doing everything we can to mitigate the effects of the development. And we're hiring an independent consultant, environmental consultant, to survey the land, the species there," said Bird.

Developers will take input from residents into account as they move forward with the project.

They plan to host another open house in the spring.

The City of Winnipeg was not involved in the open house.

It plans to expropriate at least 20 acres back from the developers for the drainage pond and transit corridor.