The Selinger government is being accused of forcing millions of dollars of untendered security contracts on flood-ravaged communities in 2011 and 2012.

The Manitoba Conservatives say they've discovered $16 million worth of single-source security flood zone deals awarded to one company.

PC Leader Brian Pallister says municipalities have told them they were bullied by the province into using the same provider.

Former Reeve for the RM of St.Laurent, Earl Zotter, says government officials threatened to cut off compensation if the municipality fired the company.

Zotter tells CTV News some security employees with the business were caught sleeping on the job, did not keep proper records, and lacked communication skills.

Zotter says his community received a $10 million bill for the security services.

The Selinger government says it will respond to the allegations shortly.

Steve Ashton, Infrastructure Minister, is accusing Pallister of playing politics with the 2011 flood.

Ashton says the contracts were municipal ones, not provincial. Ashton also stresses the municipalities decided which security firms they should use, not the government.

The RM of Woodlands says it was also unhappy with the security service. But it says it switched companies and faced no backlash from the province.