WINNIPEG -- The Manitoba government announced $2 million in funding on Saturday for the new Hunter Education Fund.

The fund, to be administered by the Winnipeg Foundation, will support the Manitoba Wildlife Federation’s efforts to educate, train and recruit hunters while promoting sustainable hunting and trapping in the province.

“Manitobans are bringing new-found passion and appreciation for the world-class wildlife and fish resources this province has to offer,” said Agriculture and Resource Development Minister Blaine Pedersen in a statement. “This endowment will provide perpetual funding for hunter education and safety programming, and ensure that resources are available to sustain and improve this programming for generations of Manitobans to come.”

The Manitoba Wildlife Federation is one of Manitoba’s oldest conservation groups and already offers a number of courses in hunter education and outdoor skills development. The federation also provides programming that promotes safe and lawful hunting.

“It is critical that we work together with hunters to help understand the importance of the role they play in wildlife management and conservation, and safe and ethical hunting,” said Carly Deacon, managing director of the Manitoba Wildlife Federation.