WINNIPEG -- Manitoba youth were able to receive answers to their questions on COVID-19 on Thursday.

A summit involving members of Shared Health took place Thursday morning, and was streamed on YouTube, aimed at reducing fears of the virus among kids.

“This isn’t normal and it’s not going to last forever,” said Lanette Siragusa, Chief Nursing Officer with Shared Health.

COVID-19 has impacted everyday life all over the globe, including youth, who can longer go to school, visit friends, or have sleep overs.

“Thankfully in kids, it is mostly is mild,” said Dr. William Li, a pediatrician. “So that’s a little bit of temperature, a little bit of runny nose and coughing. However there are some kids who might be a little bit more severe and sicker, those with poorly controlled asthma, or problems with their immune system.”

The panel was asked several questions, including what surfaces the virus can live on.

“The coronavirus can live on different surfaces for different amounts of time,” said Siragusa. “Cardboard for example, it can stay on cardboard for 24 hours.”

To stay on the safe side, she added it is always a good idea to wipe everything down, including video game controllers, toys, and cell phones.

The panel was also asked about proper hand washing.

“After we’re done washing our hands, it is really important to use a fresh towel or a paper towel to turn off the tap and close the door,” said Dr. Li. “Because there is a risk that you may get the germs that are on those handles or taps back to you after washing your hands.

The panel said to protect yourself, but that doesn’t mean you can’t interact with others. If you miss your friends, get creative together and make play-dates via video calls, and iff you have to leave the house practice physical distancing.

Radio personality Ace Burpee hosted the event.