The Pallister government has put out a request for proposals from private operators, as it looks into privatizing its air services branch.

The branch includes a fleet of 22 aircrafts, such as water bombers and the air ambulance service.

This would affect 43 pilots, 33 mechanics and techs and 15 administrative personnel, according to the Manitoba Government and General Employees’ Union.

Infrastructure Minister Ron Shuler said the government wants to achieve better value for its money in the proposal process.

“What we are doing is we are testing to see if we can get a better price. We did do an expression of interest…and there are six different parties that would be interested in looking at it. And keep in mind, 50 per cent of the service already is provided by private industry,” he said.

The province said if they don’t feel a private model would be beneficial, they won’t do it.