WINNIPEG -- The provincial government has announced plans to work on 35 projects along the Trans-Canada Highway.

The province is putting $91 million towards the projects, which is part of the $3 billion in infrastructure investments from the 2020 budget.

The projects include:

• Reconstruction of a stretch of the highway starting 0.7 km west of the Ontario border going to the Ontario border;

• Replacing a culvert 9.5 km east of PR 308;

• Another culvert will be replaced 19.5 km east of PR 308 in the westbound lanes;

• The province will work on intersection improvements at Dufresne;

• There will be road construction in the eastbound lanes on the highway from Brokenhead River to GWWD Railway and the westbound lanes will see construction from Brokenhead River to PTH 11;

• The westbound lanes of the highway will be rehabilitated between PR 207 to PTH 12;

• The shoulder on the westbound lanes of the Trans Canada will be reconstructed from PR 208 to 2.3 km west of PR 301;

• Road reconstruction will occur in the westbound lanes going from PTH 11 and PR 308, as well as, in the vicinity of PTH 12;

• There will be grading at PTH 100 and PTH 101;

• Grading will also occur at PTH 12;

• Another grading project will occur in Cornwallis at PR 270, which will include service roads;

• There will be a structure at Whitemouth River, 1.9 km east of PTH 11 in the westbound lanes;

• There will be another structure at Assiniboine River, 13.2 km east of Portage la Prairie;

• A third structure will be at La Salle River 0.5 km west of PR 248;

• Surface treatment will occur 5.1 km east of PTH 11 to PR 308 in the eastbound lanes;

• The province is adding traffic signals in Headingley at Race Track Road;

• Road reconstruction will occur in the eastbound lanes of the highway from the east junction of Portage la Prairie to PTH 13;

• There will also be road reconstruction in the east and westbound lanes from PR 248 to PTH 26 as well as, from PR 305 to Road 41W;

• There will be work done along the highway to rehabilitate the road from PTH 34 to PTH 16 in the eastbound lanes, and guardrail and hazard protection will go in that same stretch in both the east and westbound lanes;

• Signal poles will be replaced along the highway throughout Portage la Prairie;

• The eastbound lanes of the highway will have work done from 3.4 km west of Hargrave to PR 257;

• There will be road rehabilitation from six km west of PTH 21 to east junction of PR 250 in the eastbound lanes;

• There will be intersection improvements happening from the Saskatchewan border to PTH 34;

• The highway will also see several surface treatment spots including from 3.6 km east of west junction of PR 254 to PTH 21;

• Surface treatment will continue from seven km east of PR 351 to PTH 5 in the westbound lanes;

• There will also be surface treatment from the east junction of PTH 83 to Virden at King Street, and then from Virden at King Street to 3.6 km east of the west junction of PR 254 in the westbound lanes; and

• Surface treatment will also be done from PR 340 to west junction of PR 351 in the eastbound lanes, from PTH 110 to PR 340 and from the Saskatchewan border to Elkhorn access in the westbound lanes.

The government said many of these will be multi-year projects.