People camping in a provincial park on May long weekend can bring something they haven’t been able to in decades: liquor.

Since 1995, the province has banned alcohol during the Victoria Day weekend in six of the busiest provincial campgrounds. It said Tuesday the ban would be lifted thanks to a “significant reduction in alcohol-related offenses” since the ban was put into place.

The province said there are still alcohol-free, family friendly camping bays available at Bird’s Hill and Grand Beach provincial parks.

Manitobans camping on the May long weekend are reminded not to move firewood from one place to another, or move firewood out of Winnipeg, to prevent the spread of the highly destructive emerald ash borer beetle. Transporting firewood could lead to a $1,300 fine for individuals or $15,000 for businesses.

Boats and watercrafts are reminded to clean, drain and dry all water from equipment and remove plugs before transporting over dry land, and dispose of all bait used in a control zone water body, in order to stop the spread of zebra mussels and other invasive species.