WINNIPEG -- The province was in court Tuesday morning, looking to seize assets associated with Peter Ramdath.

Ramdath pleaded guilty in January to one count of fraud over $5,000 for defrauding his former company, Litz Crane & Rigging, of over $4 million.

The assets in question are two bank accounts that Ramdath had.

The Director of Criminal Property said there is concern if Ramdath is given these accounts, the money will disappear.

The director also said it is hard to say what funds were obtained legally and illegally and that everything Ramdath touched should be called into question.

Ramdath's legal team said the court can't assume what funds were illegally obtained because there is no evidence to prove it.

They said the director had the chance to go through the bank accounts and find evidence, but failed to do so.

The judge will make his decision on Thursday.

Ramdath's sentencing hearing is scheduled for June 11.