WINNIPEG -- The Manitoba Government has lowered the age of eligibility for the COVID-19 vaccine.

On Saturday, the province expanded eligibility to include anyone 56 and older -- down from 57, and any First Nations people aged 36 and older -- down from 37.

According to the province, 328,515 vaccine doses have been administered so far. There were 5,996 doses scheduled to be administered Saturday. Provincial data shows nearly a quarter of the adult population in Manitoba has received a vaccine.

On Thursday evening, the province announced it was making two 'critical expansions' to vaccine eligibility.

The new rollout plan will see all people in high-risk areas over the age of 18 be included in the rollout, as well as frontline responders, such as police and firefighters.

The province has not yet said what areas will be included in the high-risk category.

More information on the vaccine rollout is expected to be released on April 21.