Rodell Bautista's 20-year-old step son Gabriel died by suicide last summer

"My step son fell victim to addiction, became addicted to drugs at an early age," said Bautista.

Bautista says finding help wasn't easy. He's supporting the Bruce Oake Recovery Centre project, a long term drug treatment facility set to be built on the old Vimy Arena site in Crestview.

"There's brief times when an addict wants to seek recovery and the availability for that type of treatment just is non-existent right now," said Bautista.

The project is facing its next hurdle, a subdivision and rezoning hearing at Winnipeg City Hall Tuesday, Nov. 13.

A new report says the land will be split into two parts: one for the long term drug treatment facility, the rest to be kept green and merged with city park space nearby.

The 21,000 square foot building will be 24 feet tall with a gymnasium. The parking lot will have 73 stalls.

The neighbourhood around the arena has strong feelings about the project.

Some support it and say it’s a good fit.

"If they're going to turn this into something that's beneficial to the city, which it would be, because if you get the addicted people into treatment, I can't see it being a bad thing," said area resident Dan Puls.

But Cherie Bunce who lives across from Vimy, says she and a majority of residents oppose the location.

"Nobody is against a rehab, we just don't want it here," said Bunce.

Bunce worries about safety and the loss of recreation space. She wants Vimy restored as a hockey arena.

"It needs to be revitalized, up and running, we need to keep our kids active busy and happy," said Bunce.

The plans do include a provision to share the centre's gym with the public.

"For the community to have access to the gym, it's all part of what the centre is adapting to what the concerns are," said Bautista.

The matter will be heard by three councilors who sit on the Assiniboia Community Committee.