A puppy thrown from a van in Winnipeg last week is doing well and has found a new home.

On Tuesday, city officials said the puppy known as Mandy has been adopted.

Last week, a witness said a van slowed down on Valour Road and someone inside threw the puppy so hard that she did two cartwheels in the air before hitting the ground.

Luckily, Mandy was not hurt. It's believed the nine-week-old animal landed on her feet.

The Good Samaritan who witnessed the incident brought the puppy to animal services.

"They were pretty shocked about it. It's not something you see every day and hopefully we'll never see this again," said Leland Gordon from animal services.

Pet owners on Valour Road were enraged to hear that someone would abandon a puppy in such a cruel manner.

"Horrendous - I don't know how someone could do that to an animal," said Kristen Clark.

Animal services staff said that if a person can't keep a pet, they should try to find another home for it, such as through relatives, friends or co-workers.

"It's your responsibility to care for that pet so if it comes to the point in your life that for whatever reason you no longer want that pet - you need to find a home for it, a good home, not throwing it out on the street," said Gordon.

Officials suggested people try local shelters, the Winnipeg Humane Society or animal services if they need to find a home for their pet. Officials also suggested trying to find a home for an unwanted pet by posting online, but advised people to check any new potential home for the animal before handing it over.

Last month, the animal services department was called after a puppy was left in a city dumpster. Eight-week-old Rayne was picked up by animal services staff and has since been adopted.

Officials said almost 30 other dogs are up for adoption through the city's animal services.


- with a report from CTV's Jeff Keele