UPDATE: Assiniboine Park Zoo said Wednesday the cub will be named Mambo.

EARLIER: A male red panda cub born at Assiniboine Park Zoo is in need of a name and the zoo wants people to help it choose.

An online poll is underway to name the cub born this summer to mom Sachi and dad Tango. The youngster is little brother to the pair’s first set of offspring, male Suva and female Tanvi, born in 2017.

The zoo said Sachi and Tango were originally matched with the blessing of a breeding program from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, and that red pandas are endangered due to loss of their natural habitat.

People can choose from five choices in an online poll: TJ (short for Tango Jr.), Mambo (a Latin dance like the cub’s father’s name), Thulo (Nepali for ‘big’), Zami (a river in Myanmar) and Makalu (a large Himalayan mountain).

Voting is open until Tuesday, Oct. 16. The zoo said the winning name will be announced on social media.