Some business owners and residents in Osborne Village are shaken by the stabbing death last week of a man in the area.

Baljinder Singh Sidhu, 27, was stabbed outside a bar early Friday. More than 50 people had spilled onto the street in a brawl.

Sidhu died from injuries.

The day before, a man was rushed to hospital in critical condition after a fight near the Toad in the Hole. He was later upgraded to stable condition.

"It's quite scary that people are having violent outbursts on my path home," said Katharine Kowalchuk.

Owen Degen has owned the Billabong Bar and Bistro for the past seven years.

He believes the problems Osborne Village faces boil down to a few bars promoting certain entertainment nights.

"That has to stop. That has to be addressed. It's not the normal crowd we get down here and basically I think there are other ways to get business down here," said Degen.

In May, some business owners and residents began lobbying city hall. Almost 1,000 people signed a petition asking for more police officers in the area. Following the homicide last week, that call has grown louder.

Police have met with community groups. Officials are still exploring options. Cadets and community support officers have been assisting with patrols.

"I think any time we have violent instances, we'd like to work with the community. We do believe people within the community are the first to know of any problems that do occur there," said Const. Natalie Aitken with Winnipeg police.

Owen Degen echoes similar ideas.

"We have to be communicating together, working together to try and bring the Village back to what it really is," said Degen.

Police are still interviewing a number of people regarding last week's homicide. So far, no arrests have been made.

- with a report from CTV's Stacey Ashley