WINNIPEG -- UPDATE: The City of Winnipeg removed the trash on Wednesday.

Residents of one Winnipeg street are dealing with people dumping garbage in the area.

The corner of Alfred Avenue and Sinclair Street in the North End has become lined with garbage-filled shopping carts.

"I think they are gross, disgusting and we should get rid of them," said Kimberly Rudolf, a resident in the area.

Marlene Allard, who lives on Alfred Avenue, takes care of her flowers and her husband prides himself on his well-kept lawn. But, a week ago, eight carts filled with clothing, kitty litter and a broken microwave appeared in front of her house. 

"Sometimes when I go to work I get depressed because I get up and I see this, and during the night I hear a noise and think ‘don't tell me they are coming with more," she said. 

Allard said the problem is actually getting worse, with people seeing the carts and adding more

"My place in front of my house is not a garbage dump,” she said.

In a statement to CTV News, the City of Winnipeg said "Garbage issues are investigated from 311 complaints. If the garbage is on city property or in a back lane, the city will remove the garbage after a service request has been received through 311."

Allard said she called 311 three times last week, and was told the city would come clean it up, but it would take a week.

"I want it done. I'm supposed to have company on the weekend and I can't bring my company here with all this garbage," she said. 

Other residents in the area feel the same way.

"I could see in the backlanes, but this is just way too much," Rudolf said. 

People living in the area also said the garbage is starting to attract pests such as bugs and mice.