WINNIPEG -- A Manitoba restaurant chain is joining the effort to send much-needed supplies to India amid the country’s unfolding COVID-19 crisis.

The East India Company restaurants have teamed up with local businessman Anil Sedha, who launched a GoFundMe page to raise money for oxygen concentrators to be sent to India.

“What you see happening in India right now, and you have to appreciate, is a humanitarian crisis,” said Sachit Mehra, whose family owns the East India Restaurant Company restaurants.

“The streets have become deserted, deliveries are not being made. People are not going out. They are unbelievably scared. They can just see plumes of smoke from the crematoriums in various parts of the city,” said Mehra.

Sedha had already sent a couple of the concentrators to India. Now, with the help of the East India Company, more could be on the way soon.

East India Company


“To me, it’s touching to see the community come together and help in any possible way,” said Mehra.

People can help in two ways, according to Mehra. Proceeds from any take-out or delivery orders from the East India Company restaurants are forwarded to the GoFundMe campaign, or people can skip the food and just donate.

“Please donate what you can and we will make sure we get oxygenators that get sent to DHL and off to Red Cross India and into the lungs of people that actually need them,” said Mehra.

India set another global record with 386,452 COVID-19 cases reported on Friday with almost 3,500 deaths. Death tolls have nearly tripled in the past three weeks.

“Anything we can do to help them get to the other side in the littlest, or biggest way possible, is very important,” said Mehra.