Four weeks to the day after the disappearance of 57-year-old Winnipeg grandmother Thelma Krull, family and friends gathered to retrace her steps.

Calling the event ‘Jog Your Memory’, they set out at exactly 7:23 a.m. which is the time Krull is believed to have left home on July 11.

"The idea is to basically jog anybody's memory,” said family friend, Tina Driscoll. “What they might have seen or heard, just retracing the steps type of a thing."

Krull appeared on a neighbour’s surveillance camera walking down the street that morning and hasn’t been seen since.

The mystery surrounding what happened to her has left friends and family baffled and shaken.

"She was going out for a hike for exercise,” said Craig Mensforth who knows Krull from her work as a Scout leader. “It's tough to see that in Winnipeg people can't do that."

In the days immediately following Krull’s disappearance police conducted a massive search which turned up her glasses in Civic Park near Kildonan East Collegiate.

As the weeks have passed, the investigation has become less visible but police say they continue to work the case and follow up on tips.

Neal Anderson, who worked with Krull, joined in Saturday’s walk.

"The not knowing what happened is the hardest part,” said Anderson. “And that's why we're still postering, we're still going out there and talking to people, we're really active on the Facebook page that has almost 10-thousand followers now."

The walkers went to Civic Park, one of the places police and family believe Krull may have been that morning.

"It's really important that we don't forget, even though it has been some time,” said Driscoll. “The search still has to go on. There still has to be hope that she will come home and come home safely."