Ring dikes are partially closing around several Manitoba communities this weekend, as falling rain and rising rivers threaten to close in around vulnerable areas.

Heavy machines have been brought into Ste. Adolphe, pushing huge mounds of dirt and clay. Saturday, the mud was filling in ditches adjacent to St. Mary's road up to the permanent dike level.

It means the community is now prepared to close the ring dike completely if rising waters threaten the town.

However, because the Pierre Delorme Bridge is now open, local officials say life will continue pretty much as normal.

"It is very good news that the bridge is open," says RM of Ritchot mayor Bob Stefaniuk. "Because if you have a significant flood and you lose all access on St. Mary's road here and on Highway 210 to the east, then you'd have to evacuate the town." You can't leave 1400 people inside an island."

Ring dikes are also being closed at Ste. Agathe, St. Adolphe and Brunkild.

With extra moisture moving into Manitoba from falling rain, the province says highway 75 at Morris is expected to close within the next two or three days. In 2009, the highway was closed for a total of 35 days.