A Roblin, Man., woman said she couldn’t believe it when she found out a poker-themed lottery ticket she had picked up was an instant winner.

Dianna Bahrey picked up a Poker Lotto ticket with the All In option on Aug. 16, after a $4 win had left her feeling lucky.

The second ticket turned out to be much more lucrative.

“$120,225.70 came up on the screen,” she said, in a news release from the Western Canada Lottery Corporation

“I looked at the retailer and asked, ‘Are you sure?’” said Bahrey, adding that when the clerk at the Parkway Co-op Service Station on Highway 5 East told her it was accurate, she immediately went home to tell her husband

“We were both so excited,” she said

According to the WCLC website, the odds of getting a Royal Flush, the poker hand that led Bahrey to win a $110,225.70 jackpot plus $10,000, are one in 649,740 when playing Poker Lotto with All In.

Bahrey says she plans to use the money to pay bills, treat her kids and possibly travel.

“Most importantly, we’ll just enjoy life,” she said.