WINNIPEG -- The Transportation Safety Board of Canada said its investigation into the Dec. 31 train derailment near Gladstone, Man., will be “limited in scope.”

Via Rail train #692, which runs between Churchill, Man., and Winnipeg, was travelling about 100 km/h when the two head-end locomotives, a baggage car and two passenger coaches derailed in Katrime, Man.

Shortly after the incident, a man who had been on board the train described the experience to CTV News as like being in “disaster movie.” He said he only suffered bumps and bruises when the train came to an abrupt stop, sending items flying around the car. 

The TSB said both head-end locomotives tipped onto their sides and an undetermined amount of diesel fuel leaked. There were 13 people on board, including five who were taken to hospital with minor injuries. 

On Wednesday, Jan. 22, the TSB announced it is conducting a class 4 investigation, which means the final reports may contain limited analysis, but will not have findings or recommendations. Class 4 investigations are usually completed within 220 days, it said. 

TSB investigations involve three phases:

  • The field phase, where investigators examine the site and wreckage, interview witnesses and collect information;
  • The examination and analysis phase, which is when it reviews records, determines the sequence of events, and identifies safety deficiencies; and
  • The report phase, when a confidential draft report is approved and sent to those directly involved.

The TSB said it will update its website as more information becomes available.