WINNIPEG -- The Salvation Army is launching its iconic kettle campaign across Canada amid a pandemic that has seen the people in need of support skyrocket.

Though code red restrictions in the province have brought challenges to the campaign, Salvation Army says it is still counting on Manitobans.

On Monday, the Salvation Army launched its 130th Kettle Campaign with a goal to raise $23 million across Canada and $385,000 in Manitoba.

“I believe that we would all agree that this has been a difficult year for Canadians, and the Salvation Army has seen the number of people needing our support greatly increase,” said Major Jamie Rands with the Salvation Army.

Rands said the number of people in need of support has jumped nearly five times over last year.

“It is very concerning, and as the coronavirus continues to impact lives, we expect that that need for support is going to continue to grow in the coming months.”

For more than a century, the Salvation Army has been raising money through this annual fundraising campaign, but Rands said this year will be quite a challenge.

Due to code red restrictions, many businesses are closed and people are being asked to stay home, which will reduce the opportunities to put some cash in the kettle.

“Restrictions are definitely making things more difficult this year, but the need is greater than ever for those that are affected by this pandemic,” he said.

Rands said Salvation Army will have some kettles out in the community, but this year the Salvation Army also has a virtual kettle that Manitobans can donate to by visiting