He's young, savvy, and if everything goes according to plan, will be rich too.

Kyle Jagassar,17, is a high school student, turned mobile phone repair technician, turned successful entrepreneur.

This weekend he celebrated the grand opening of his second mobile matrix store in Winnipeg.

It's a big leap for Jagassar who started hunkering down in his bedroom fixing broken mobile phones three years ago.

"I like doing this a lot,” said Jagassar Sunday from his St. Vital store. “My focus has always been business. I like making money obviously and I like marketing.”

Kevin Miller, a customer, had no idea the store was owned and run by a teenager. As an entrepreneur himself he applauded the teen’s early success.

"Top notch,” he said. “Everyone's smashing up a phone every now and then, right?"

The last year Jagassar worked out of his bedroom he brought in $100,000. This year he's projecting a profit of $500,000.

All this ambition Jagassar says comes from his idol, Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs.

"He looked for a new way to do what’s already been done. That's what I'm trying to do. The cell phone repair, the whole industry, that's already been done. We are trying to do it differently."


Jagassar says his business is innovative because he merged two markets, repairing phones and selling unlocked phones, under the same roof. The customers choose the carrier.

Friend and employee Dylan Asmundson says, off the job, Jagassar really is just like any other teenager, but when it comes to work, he’s driven and focused.

With all his earnings, Jagassar plans to expand the business across Canada. Before he celebrates all that, he has to graduate high school, and to do his homework, just like other teenagers.