The Louis Riel School Division is changing its policy on crossing guards at the intersection of Bishop Grandin Boulevard and St. Anne's Road after two 11-year-old students were hit by a van on Tuesday afternoon.

The girls were walking from Victor Mager School, where they are students, to Victor H. L. Wyatt School, where they take practical arts class.

One of the girls remains in critical but stable condition, said police.

Duane Brothers, the school division's superintendent, said the practice of having students travel unescorted between the two schools has been happening for years without incident.

But, in the wake of Tuesday's collision, the school division will now have adult crossing guards at the intersection whenever students are travelling between the two schools for the rest of the school year.

Wednesday afternoon, there were crossing guards escorting students through the intersection.

Brothers said the school division continues to look into the causes of the incident and may still institute other safety measures.

The Winnipeg Police Service said initial investigation indicates the accident was likely caused by pedestrian error.