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Search warrant: Winnipeg couple used their 'stash' to hand out THC candy to children on Halloween


New documents show what led to a couple handing out cannabis-infused gummies to children in Winnipeg - and what happened in the hours directly after.

Sheldon Chochinov (63) and Tammy Sigurdur (52) have both been charged with 26 offences under the Cannabis Act tied to their actions on Oct. 31, 2022, when the couple allegedly gave out THC candies to multiple children in South Tuxedo.

A Winnipeg Police Service search warrant application for the couple's home, dated a day later on Nov. 1, was issued in part because investigators were concerned the couple may try to destroy incriminating evidence.

Written by Const. Paul Babiak, the document also provides details on what Chochinov and Sigurdur did as soon as they found out they could face criminal charges.

The document states that Chochinov contacted criminal lawyer Richard Wolson after reading a WPS release warning residents of the reports of THC candy found in children's Halloween candy.

Wolson, in turn, got in touch with WPS investigators and informed officers about the nature and details of the call.

According to the document, Chochinov told Wolson that the entire incident was a "mistake" made when "under the influence." The two had run out of candy and decided to hand out their own personal "stash" of THC candy, adding he and his wife regretted their actions.

The candy in question consisted of Ziploc bags filled with medicated marijuana "Nerds" candy and seemingly name-brand candy bars.

More than a dozen families reported kids between six and 16 found edibles in their treat bags in packaging that resembled candy.

After hearing from Wolson, WPS investigators confirmed Chochinov and Sigurdur lived at a home on Coleraine Street.

"As both Chochniov and Sirgurdur are aware WPS is investigating this occurrence, I believe they may attempt to destroy evidence linking them to his occurrence," wrote Const. Babiak.

Seven boxes containing 15 packs of "Nerds" gummy clusters were seized at the residence, along with an Apple iPhone.

"There was an ample supply of normal non-THC infused candy at the ready and therefore the THC infused Nerds candy was not distributed as a result of a rushed last minute mistake but instead criminal negligence," states a grounds for seizure of property document.

Wolson and Chochinov’s defence lawyer Evan Roitenberg declined a request for further comment from CTV News.

Chochinov and Sigurder are facing 13 counts of causing bodily harm by criminal negligence, 13 counts of administering a noxious thing with intent to endanger life or cause bodily harm, 13 counts of distributing cannabis to a young person and 13 counts of distributing illicit cannabis.

None of the charges against Chochinov and Sigurdur have been proven in court and their respective trials are ongoing. Top Stories

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