Two women are now speaking out with concerns about Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs Grand Chief Arlen Dumas.

"He was like have a good sleep, sweet dreams and I was like okay goodnight,” said Renee Yetman on Facebook.

It was announced Friday that Chief Dumas was taking a brief leave of absence from his role to "heal."

Dumas stated his style of communication may not be suited to the role of grand chief after 22-year-old Bethany Maytwayashing accused Dumas of sending her unwanted messages.

"It's great that he's getting healing but ah accountability still needs to happen.” Said Maytwayashing

Maytwayashing says the two met at a restaurant she worked at in 2018 and that's when the messages began.

"What are you doing today? When can we meet up?” reads one set of the alleged messages.

In a statement Friday Dumas denied the accusations:

"These allegations are entirely false. I did not pursue a relationship of an intimate nature with this woman. I was asked by her for advice," stated Dumas.

Dumas says some of the messages came from a fake Facebook account, not his, suggesting it's a manufactured political smear.

"I just want the truth out there, I want him to come out with it, could have been that easy but he had to deny it," said Maytwayashing.

Now a second woman has come forward on Facebook.

"I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, he pretty much traumatized me the way he treated me," said Renee Yetman on Facebook.

She also spoke to CTV News.

Yetman, 34, alleges that after the two met in 2017, Dumas sent her constant Facebook and text messages which led to a consensual sexual encounter.

"He shouldn’t be going around, right, abusing his power and trust towards women," said Yetman.

CTV News has reached out to Dumas and the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs for comment but has not heard back.

CTV News spoke with Chief Francine Meeches, the chair of AMC’s women's council. She says the council doesn't have the mandate to oversee a dispute such as this.