Police have several people in custody after an hours-long standoff at a home on Union Avenue on Saturday.

Officers arrived in the area around 9:30 a.m. The officers initially responded to a call about a gun, said a police spokesperson.

CTV spoke with a person who lives in the home, who said police left with a pellet gun and an ornamental knife.

A tactical team was on scene during the incident. Police blocked off Union Avenue at Grey Street, and Grey Street between Harbison and Chalmers avenues.

"Multiple units attended and we had both an outer perimeter, as well as an inner perimeter, and then units dealing specifically with the residents in question," said Const. Eric Hofley.

According to neighbours, those residents included a family, with teenagers.

Neighbours heard police using a loudspeaker to tell residents that they were surrounded and to come out with their hands up.

"Well I was sitting on the front step, enjoying the nice weather, when I heard a big, you know, like a bullhorn," said Ross Snare. "I seen (sic) one person come out and he had his hands up in the air."

Over five hours, multiple people left the house, including some minors.

Snare did not know the family, but he says lately, his neighbourhood has been calm.

Some neighbours were shocked and called the family kind and quiet. Others called it a party house.

Police SWAT teams thoroughly searched the home, eventually removing what looks like a firearm.

"Any time there's report of a firearm seen, you know, officers are taking that seriously, and as a result we had in excess of a dozen, 15 units on scene, or more," said Hoffley.

The investigation is ongoing.

- With a report by Meghan Roberts