When it rains it pours - at least in Manitoba.

On Monday and Tuesday, severe thunderstorms, which brought strong wind gusts, heavy rain, and hail, affected much of southern Manitoba.

Winnipeg saw nearly 45 millimetres of rain Tuesday and Wednesday morning, according to Environment Canada.

Although that’s not the most rainfall the province saw over the last two days, gusting wind caused a number of areas around the city to flood.

The City of Winnipeg said 311 received 71 reports of plugged catch basins causing overland flooding, 25 reports of clean water sewer backup and 8 reports of backup of sewage.

It also received 12 reports of downed trees.

Environment Canada also reported more than 85 mm of rain in St. Pierre-Jolys, Man.

The largest hail was reported in Roseisle, Man., where golf ball to quarter-sized ice pellets pounded the town. Hail was also reported near Brunkild, Man., where loonie-sized hail dropped on the community.

High wind-effect warnings were also issued for areas of Lake Manitoba and Lake Winnipeg early Wednesday morning.

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Much needed rain

Up until this week, Winnipeg was on track to experience its driest year on record.

Environment Canada said earlier this month that in the first half of 2019, 91.1 mm of precipitation was recorded in Winnipeg.

The next driest first half of the year was 1900 with 106.5 mm, and 1961 with 114.4 mm.

After Wednesday, Winnipeg has surpassed both of those numbers.