A Winnipeg shopper is raising the red flag about price discrepancies at Target's liquidation sale. 

Chelsea Saj claims the price listed on the shelf wasn't what she ended up paying at the cash register.

Target's liquidation sale boasts of big savings, up to 30% off on some products.

The deals drew Saj to the store on Fermor Avenue in Winnipeg on Friday night.

A regular Target shopper, she went looking for a discount on cosmetics.

"I picked up a couple things and I went to pay and then afterwards I thought my bill is a little bit higher than I expected," Saj said.

She bought Almay One Coat Triple Effect black mascara thinking it would cost her around $5 dollars with the 30% discount on the marked price of $7.59.

Instead, she actually paid more than the marked price.

"It rang up around $18 which is quite a bit more than I expected."

With the discount, she actually ended up paying $12.59 for the mascara which she claims was priced at $7.59 on the shelf.

Saj took the mascara and receipt to customer service but there was no recourse for her to take.

She was told by a Target worker that all sales are final.

"She said to me unfortunately these are liquidation prices and this is no longer Target, not Target prices, not Target policies so there's nothing we can do for you," Saj said.

Other customers on the hunt for a bargain found the prices on their products checked out accurately.

"The prices that were marked is what I paid,” said Target shopper Holly Hrycyna.  “And then the discount was taken off so I did get it (Tums and mascara) for less."

"I know when I was at the checkout she asked if I wanted to know all the prices,” said another shopper, Lisa Wall.  “I don't know if people had been mentioning that maybe, or something."

CTV News scanned the same mascara Chelsea Saj bought at two different target locations in Winnipeg - Grant Park and Polo Park.  The same product listed on the shelf for $7.49 instead scanned at $17.99.  It was sold to us for $12.59 with the 30% savings, the same as what Chelsea paid.

The prices on other products we scanned, corresponded to the price on the shelf.

Saj also tried scanning her makeup to check the price before going to the till but the scanners at the Target on Fermor were out of order.

"At the end of the day it's a difference of $10,” she said.

“It just would've nice to know ahead of time just not necessarily the prices on the shelves are what you're going to be charged when you go and pay."

Target encouraged Chelsea Saj to contact Target Canada’s guest relations department.

A spokesperson said the store has not had similar complaints.

CTV News contacted the liquidator, Alvarez & Marsal Holdings, but no one from the company has responded to our request for an interview.