The Burrows constituency is blanketed by the signs of two people this election: NDP incumbent Melanie Wight and newcomer, Liberal candidate, Cindy Lamoureux.

The Liberals have one seat in the Manitoba Legislature.

Lamoureux says her party is eyeing this one to add to its seat count, by taking it away from the NDP.

"Every door I knock on they know change is happening here and I'm hoping to be that alternative," said Lamoureux.

A potential boost for the rookie candidate is name recognition. Her dad is the Liberal MP for the area, Kevin Lamoureux, also a former MLA. Her father is helping his daughter on the campaign trail.

“I think also workers who worked in the Lamoureux federal campaign who'll also be working to support his daughter in this campaign," said political analyst Chris Adams Lamoureux faces potential challenges. The constituency is an NDP stronghold. The incumbent, Melanie Wight, has some profile too as a cabinet minister.

"As I talked to people about policy I don't think there is much question about quite frankly who's got the better policy and I think it's us,” said Wight.

Lamoureux's party is having its share of problems recently. A survey this week says the provincial Liberals have dropped to 15 per cent in the polls in the wake of missteps over nominating candidates who were either kicked out or disqualified. One Liberal candidate advocated to close hospitals in order to gain publicity.

"I think right now that some of the Liberal candidates might be hobbled a little bit by how (Rana) Bokhari has done in this election," said Chris Adams.

Lamoureux says she's concentrating on her local race and nothing else.

"But I'm here as a representative, I'm not here to play party politics," said Lamoureux.

The Progressive Conservative candidate in Burrows is Rae Wagner. Garrett Bodnaryk is running for the greens and Tony Petrowski is representing the communist party.