The man accused of killing his five-year-old step-daughter, told police her death will "haunt" him for the rest of his life.

Phoenix Sinclair was killed on the Fisher River Cree Nation in 2005, her remains were found in 2006.

Jurors have already heard what her mother, Samantha Kematch, told the RCMP during a videotaped statement, and now they're hearing what Karl Wesley McKay had to say after he was arrested and taken in for questioning.

The couple is charged with first degree murder.

"I made a big mistake," McKay told Sgt. Norm Charette. He described Kematch as the one who hated her little girl.

"She has no heart," he said, saying that Samantha always hit Phoenix, and that he tried hard not to do it.

McKay said they're "both involved in this."

Police asked McKay about what his son told them, namely that when Phoenix died his father threw the girl against a wall and started stomping on her.

McKay says all he could remember was throwing the girl on a pile of clothes in the basement, leaving the house to visit his father; then getting a call from his son saying Phoenix wasn't breathing.

The officer questioning McKay told him not to be angry at his sons for coming forward and telling police what they knew about finding the young girl's body, because they did the right thing.

They have also testified how their father and the man's common-law wife Samantha Kematch beat Phoenix Sinclair.

McKay then told the officer about how he and Kematch buried the girl in a shallow grave.

He said he never went back -- even though he told the officer Samantha wanted to do just that, so they could chop off the girl's head to get rid of DNA evidence.

McKay talked to police for hours, but that co-operation ended a few days later when officers went back to interview him at the Remand Centre.

McKay cut the interview short saying he was being interrogated by the inmates inside.

McKay would cry and weep at times in the interview. He expressed concern he was going to jail for the rest of his life. He apologized to Phoenix, saying she didn't deserve what happened to her and added that this was going to haunt him for the rest of his life.

With a report from CTV's Kelly Dehn