The Phoenix Sinclair trial continued on Monday with the five-year-olds mother taking the stand.

Samantha Kematch was brought to the RCMP building after she was arrested for the murder of her daughter Phoenix Sinclair.

It was here, during interviews that police began to learn more about her involvement in the killing.

During hours of a videotaped interview an RCMP officer got her to open up about what happened in the basement of their home on the Fisher River Cree Nation in June 2005.

"I didn't kill her," Kematch told the officer.

What did you do asked the officer?

"I didn't beat her to death," was the answer.

On video Kematch told the officer that she wasn't home when the girl passed away.

That when she left the girl was breathing like a normal person.

The jury heard that when the mother came home she found Phoenix naked, lying on her back on the floor in the basement.

They tried C-P-R, and then she took the girl up for a warm bath to see if that would work.

Kematch was reserved during much of the interview, but when the officer left the room at one point, she began to talk to her dead daughter.

"I'm so sorry Phoenix," she began. "I didn't mean to. Sorry Phoenix. But that doesn't cut it. I know that you're never gonna come back."

She went further, saying, "You had a whole life ahead of you Phoenix, and it was all taken away from you. You didn't deserve this. Nobody does."

The officer talked to Kematch about past abuse to the girl.

The woman admitted that the night before Phoenix was killed she struck the girl in the leg with a bar.

She also said that they kept her in a pen for punishment, and Kematch added, Karl Wesley McKay would shoot the girl with a B-B gun, and when she cried, would hit her again.

With a report from CTV's Kelly Dehn