Single punch kills 66-year-old during dispute with neighbour: police

A dispute Saturday between neighbours trying to back a boat turned deadly, said police, alleging a single punch thrown during an argument led to the death of a 66-year-old man. A 24-year-old has been charged with manslaughter.

'We're taking a stand against drugs': Eviction notices handed out at suspected meth houses in Sagkeeng

Leaders in Sagkeeng First Nation handed out eviction notices at two suspected meth houses, saying the community is in crisis and the houses would be demolished. CTV News later spoke with residents at one of the homes who denied it was being used to make or sell meth.

It's mating season: Garter snakes beginning to emerge at Narcisse dens

Nature lovers and amateur herpetologists who want to catch a glimpse of a springtime phenomenon unique to Manitoba should plan to head to Narcisse Snake Dens either this weekend or the next, as the red-sided garter snakes taking part in the annual mating ritual is expected to peak.

'Very bad': Broken Winnipeg Transit Plus bus tied with rope to keep it closed

A Winnipeg man with cerebral palsy took to social media with his safety concerns after snapping photos of a door on a Winnipeg Transit Plus bus that was tied shut with rope, and he wasn’t alone. The city said it would investigate the man’s complaint.