A day after a very small rodent was found by a couple in a stir fry purchased at the Sizzling Wok in St. Vital Centre, the company released a statement, that states the restaurant has been allowed to re-open.

Just as that statement was released there was confirmed that two tiny animals were found in the food.

Here is what the company has to say about the incident:

The Sizzling Wok group of companies wishes to express its regret that a customer has reported finding a foreign substance served with a meal purchased from the unit in the St. Vital Centre.

This is clearly a serious matter and the unit was immediately closed for inspection and cleaning voluntarily by the operator in cooperation with the landlord and the local health authorities.

The unit has been thoroughly inspected by the operator and by local health authorities and has been allowed to open.

The Health Inspection conducted on May 11, 2009 did not find any evidence of any mice or other rodent infestation in a survey of the kitchen or storage areas of the unit.

The report noted that the bait stations located in the unit were empty and there was no evidence of gnawing by mice.

The St. Vital Centre unit has never had any other reports of foreign substances found in the food served and has never had any sort of rodent infestation.

The Sizzling Wok Group of companies is committed to providing the best in food served in a timely manner to its customers.

The release is issued by the lawyers from Dinning Hunter Lambert & Jackson, the firm which represents the company.

CTV's Stacey Ashley is following this story and will have a full report at six