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CTV News Winnipeg Skywatch Weather Blog - Thursday, November 26, 2020

Even as we close in on the end of November, temperatures in Winnipeg and across southern Mantioba remain very mild today. 

A low moving out of Saskatchewan toward Winnipeg will spread flurries or light snow across the south this afternoon and early this evening.

Snow is already falling early in the afternoon around Brandon and Dauphin. It should make its way to Winnipeg by late this afternoon, overtaking the sunshine.

With temperatures as mild as they are this afternoon, up above freezing, the falling snow and falling temperatures once the sun goes down could make roads, sidewalks and highways slippery.

Meanwhile, there's at least a moderate chance of snow this afternoon across the north. Most regions will see temperatures fall today, but then drop only slightly further overnight.

Temperatures on Friday and Saturday in Winnipeg stay very mild before returning back to normal on Sunday with the temperature holding steady thoughout the day around -6C.



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