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CTV News Winnipeg Skywatch Weather Blog - Tuesday, March 2, 2021

The lamb has arrived a day late to southern Manitoba on Tuesday, sort of... After March began yesterday somewhat like a lion, today's temperatures are considerably milder.

A big reason for the change is the now departed arctic ridge of high pressure responsible for the colder weather on Monday has been replaced by milder pacific air. 

As for the 'sort of,' the mild air comes in behind a low pressure system the brought snow to parts of the province yesterday and strong northwest winds today. Winds are strong enough that above freezing temps in the south could drop up to a few degrees during the afternoon. The same will happen in some northern regions, too.

But overall, we're in for a very mild rest of the week in Winnipeg. The forecast high each day is above freezing. Temperatures will really take off by the weekend with a double-digit high possible on Sunday, maybe even on Saturday, too.

That means any snow on the ground will likely melt away. But, you know, this is Manitoba, after all. We may well encounter a late winter/early spring storm yet. So, for now, enjoy this week's warm up!



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