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CTV News Winnipeg Skywatch Weather Blog - Friday, October 23, 2020

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, cold and cloudy conditions persist in Winnipeg on Friday. And with a little bit of light snow here and there this afternoon. 

Unfortunately, the news is not good on the temperature front: Daytime highs and overnight lows will remain well below normal for at least another week. 

Daytime highs this weekend will remain a couple of degrees below freezing, but there will be sunshine, at least.

But first, Brandon should prepare for a very cold night ahead for this time of year with an overnight forecast low near -17C!

The other areas of concern in the province are the Berens River and Poplar River regions where snow squall warnings continue. Upwards of 20-30 cm of snow is possible by Saturday night in northwest winds and snow squalls.

Meanwhile, the Lynn Lake region remains under a snow squall watch. Northwest winds coming off the south end of Reindeer Lake could send more snow in squalls into the region. Up to 15 cm has already fallen around the Saskatchewan border with similar amounts still potentially possible there. The town of Lynn Lake itself is still expected to be spared.



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