WINNIPEG -- Sports teams will get to hit the field under the next phase of the province's reopening plan.

That means slo-pitch teams could be allowed to compete as early as June 1, as that’s the earliest date the province said Phase Two would be put into place.

The plan allows organized activities to resume as long as precautions are taken, such as physical distancing and enhanced cleaning.

Slo-Pitch National has put together its own guidelines for its members, saying it hasn't changed the game but given recommendations for sanitization and physical distancing.

Kent Kamenz, who is the regional director for Slo-Pitch National in Manitoba, said members are hoping they can get to the diamond soon.

"There is still some things we are waiting for from the government, to hear from, such as large gatherings. What classifies as a large gathering? We're quite confident that our leagues are going to be able to go, we're just concerned about our weekend events," said Kamenz.

He added that he understands that some members may not want to participate this year because of the ongoing pandemic and he said that is, "perfectly fine".

Kamenz said that each league will have to make up its own rules, noting that some leagues could add extra rules that are more applicable to them.

"Every complex is a little bit different. So we are more than willing to work with every league."

Kamenz said he is excited to see people back at the diamond at some point this year.